Energy Prices rev. 16 (by Peetz0r)

Hourly day-ahead energy prices on the MCH2022 badge.

Intended for use in the Netherlands.


On startup the current hour and the cheapest upcoming hour are highlighted.

The large number on the top-right is how many hours ahead this is.

The LED's of the kite will indicate the color of the current hour, except for the rightmost LED, which will indicate the selected (or cheapest) hour.

Use d-pad left/right to select another hour. Press on the d-pad to go back to the cheapest hour.

Use d-pad up/down to select an energy supplier. The selected supplier is saved in non-volatile storage.

Press Home to go back to the launcher.




  • entso-e (bare price without energy tax, mark-up or vat)
  • All In Power
  • EasyEnergy
  • Energy Zero
  • Frank Energie
  • Groenestroom Lokaal
  • Mijndomein Energie
  • NextEnergy
  • Tibber
  • Vrijopnaam
  • ZonderGas
  • Zonneplan
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